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September 30, 2012
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The Circle of Life by sanguisGelidus The Circle of Life by sanguisGelidus
---- Ondarena ----
..Life creates Life...


Hey! Sorry for reuploading! ^^' Hope you don't mind seeing this in your inbox once again! xD I am sorry for those of you, who commented on the old version or gave me a fav, I hope you don't mind doing that again! ^^ (Only if you want for sure!) It would make me really happy! :heart:

Well, this is a commission for a client from India. This is an illustration for his upcoming book and I had the pleasure to draw it!! I really loved his concept, I don't want to reveal too much about it! But there is much much symbolism in this painting and I was able to incorporate all my creativity and imagination into this painting! :D It was much fun to draw! :la:

-- Critiques, favs and comments are highly appreciated! :heart: Please tell me, how you understand and interprete this image, I am really curious to know it!!! :D --

PS CS4, about 17 hrs

:heart: Thank you for your support! You are the most awesome watchers I could possibly imagine!! ^-^ :hug:

Watch me for more art and tutorials! ^^

General digital painting tutorial:
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First I want to say that I really like this!
So my critique won't be much of critique at all, but more words of adoration.
I will tell you what I see personaly, so if I give wrong names or my interpretation is totally different from what you are trying to bring, I'm sorry.
I hope you don't mind.

The colors are beautifully composed.
The purple stands for spirituality. I don't know if you choose the color purple on purpose or you just thought it looked good.
But anyway, it is perfect.
Also the way it goes from the dark sky to the light water is really beautiful, nice choices of color!

The shapes, the symbols, there are a lot.
But it is not messy or distracting. You composed that really good too.

Like the 'third eye' or 'the eye of god' what ever you want to call it. It seems to stand for life itself because of the fetus. I like how the color of the iris is continuing.

And the circles of life and eternity.
I really like how the animals seems to fade in to it.

The meditating man sitting in the middle recieving all knowlegde of the universe, connecting with the elements of the earth.

I do not really get why the eye is 'crying'. Maybe that is the way the man recieves his knowledge.

I don't have much experience with digital art. I think it is way to much effort for something you can just draw. What I'm trying to say is that I can't really give feedback on that.
Besides: good job, couldn't do it myself.

Ps. I don't think this painting needs a book, it already tells a story.
Keep up the good work!
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Critique by Bone-Bone Sep 30, 2012, 3:41:58 PM
Wow. The first time I saw this piece, I was in complete awe. It's one of the most beautiful, original pieces of work I've ever seen on DeviantArt. I keep coming back to it just to marvel at the wonderful colors and the fantastic illustration. The composition is flawless, and all the animals as well. I can see that a piece like this has taken much meditation, a lot of patience, and more hard work that I can ever imagine someone putting into a piece of work. I love your usage of colors, and the textures are an amazing addition. I would say that a piece like this should be shared with the world, to show people that imagination is without boundaries. Excellent work.
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very nicely done, I like it a lot
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Simply amazing... Able to hook someone into deep thoughts!
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I bet that nobody else noticed the embryo in the eye.
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high five!!!!
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