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Message from :iconsanguisgelidus:


Hey my beloved friends!! :heart:

Wow, long time no see! It is crazy, how these past 1 ½ years passed by so quickly! I am still serving on my mission in Switzerland and I have experienced so many great things here. I can truely say I have seen the hands of God in everything these past months. I am so eager to tell you about all these things after I have returned home. 6 more months to go, then I will return and I will be able to begin my career as a freelance artist. So exciting!! :la:

Well, we have made some really exciting projects here in Switzerland, that have to do with art and music. Now we are making a facebook event for a so called „Musical fireside“, which is combining the power of music and art to teach Christian principles.

We have created a facebookpage and I will be able to upload some updates every now and then on there. To boost the site a little bit we decided to do an event, in which you can win 10 posters of my newest picture „Searching for God“ and even a personalized commission, if we reach 1000 likes on that facebook page. If you want to follow me there and participate in that event, just like and share the following post on your facebook:… (it is all in German, so you can use the translator I guess


I love you all alot! Keep being awesome and see you very soon!


Your sanguisgeslidus :hug:


Hey here is Pixie Cold, ive got a new message from my brother!!!

"Hey my awesome watchers!!

Oh man, long time no see!! I miss you all so very much! These last few months have been crazy busy for me, so much to do here in Switzerland! I enjoy being a missionary so much, it is really the most fulfilling experience I have ever had! Right now we are preparing a huge musical and artistical event in Winterthur. So I am actually getting to use my talents even in this great work! It really brings so much joy!!
I hope you all are doing well! Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes! My daddy just wrote me about them and it moved me so much, that even after that time I haven't been on here, you are still thinking of me. I really love you all! Stay creative and I will see you soon! My mission ends in about 8 1/2 months! I am so excited to return and start rocking dA again! Haha :D You all are the best!! Stay awesome!!

Your Sanguis :la:"
here is :iconpixiecold: again!!! ive got an email from my brother sanguis!!! he told me he wants to let you know the newest news ;) 

Here is the message:
"Hey my awesome fans :D This is sanguisgelidus speaking. I am doing well on my Mission, sometimes it is like a rollercoaster ride, it is not always so easy to be far away from home and my loved ones, but still I enjoy the time and I learn so much!! I feel God`s love for me and all of his children everyday, that is what keeps me being motivated, even though there are some People, who are quite rude sometimes. But well, that is life I guess! ^^ I miss you all a lot, but I am still practicing my drawing/painting skills whenever I have some spare time. I just started rediscovering my love for pencil drawings :D I am looking Forward to the time, when i can start my career as a freelance Artist, but till then I still have some work to do to find those People, who really Need the hope of the love of God. I love you all and I thank you so much for your ongoing Support!! Stay awesome and tuned for some more pencil drawings by me in the future :) And never Forget to share some love with the People around you, cause that is the reason we are here on earth!! <3"

Hey! :)


This is :iconpixiecold: speaking, the sister of sanguisgelidus! :)

Like you all probably know, my brother is currently serving a mission in Switzerland. (If you dont know about it, you can have a look here: (… )

He has already been there for a month, so there are still 23 month to go, as the mission will be for 2 years! He wrote me something via letter, which he wants to share with you:



„Hey my awesome watcher and friends! :D


Woow, it has already been almost a month since i left home to serve on this mission! Leaving my beloved famaly, my friends and my secound home called: „Devianart" was a though decision! The first days on my mission were hard! But the more i am staying here, the more i feel how this experience changes myself as a person and also changes the lives of other people! We get to meet so many awesome persons, who are strongly against God in general and against relidion and they dont really treat us much kindly! XD But the open-minded and awesome people we met highly overweight the tough experiences! This journey has just begun, but I already found amazing new friends and had so many experiences, that will have an effect on my whole life...

I hope everyone of you is doing fine!! I seriously love you so much and am so grateful, that you stregthened my belive in myself and my abilities! There is still a long way to go, but in 23 month I will be so happy to return with a lot of lifechanging experiences and treasured memories, that will also have affected my art style and the way i see things!

I am practicing my artistic abilities every day here and I will have a lot of sketches and concepts after my mission for realize! :D

Please dont forget me, deviantart is an important part of my life and, if you belive it or not, God loves everyone of you so much! :)


P.S. I am currently in Wetzicon, near Zürich! Maybe I will meet someone of you here!? :D


Stay awesome!!!

Your sanguis!!! <3 <3 <3

Hey! :heart:

So, this is the last time, that I am writing something here on deviantart for the next two years.. If you don't know what I am talking about, better read this journal by me first:… xD

Soo.. the day after tomorrow is the day I am leaving for two years.. this is really a tough decision. But I am sure it will develop my personal character so much and I will collect a lot of precious and important experiences. I just want to tell you, each and everyone of you, that I really really am so thankful, that you are supporting me so much! I still cannot believe, that I gained a "fellowship" of incredible 41000+ watchers in 3 years. Art has always been my hobby, my passion. I always knew I would do something creative in my life, but I NEVER would have thought, that my hobby could also become my profession! But you have proven me, that I can achieve something with my art. You have shown me, how important it is to live your dream! And I encourage each and everyone of you, to live your dream, whatever it is! Don't go into a direction in your life, that wont make you happy, just because people are telling you to do so. Do what your heart tells you and what makes you happy! I whitness that dreams can come true and I promise, once I return after the two years, I will go on living my dream and building up my future with my passion, which is art. It is so amazing, that I am able to inspire people with what I am doing and I really hope everyone of you will get to achieve your goals and live a happy life. I know that for the next two years it is my destination to spread what fills me with joy, which is the gospel I am believing in. And afterwards it will be the time to reach for my dreams, which is to inspire people worldwide, to go on with my art, to create and to encourage others to create. And I am so proud, that you all have been part of this from the very beginning and have been supporting and inspiring me so much! :heart:

It may sound cheesy, but please, whatever you believe in, hold on to what makes you happy, seek for your dreams and goals and never stop creating! I wish you the best of time while I am away and I cant wait to return and meet you all again! I love each and everyone of you! :love:

See you in 2 years my friends! :wave:

Hey my awesome watchers and friends! :hug:

Well, yes, like the title says, I will be leaving dA for two years as of the 18th of April, so in about a week. This is a tough decision, as dA has become an important part of my life, because I am actually trying to build up a living with my art. But you should know, that I am a Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. :D) and I am 18, close to 19, so I am going on a mission. That means I will be going to the Alpine region (Switzerland, Austria, South-Germany) and talk to the people about what I believe in. You have to know, that this is something I carefully considered and I have a strong belief in God and so I want to share the joy my religion has brought me. The mission will be for two years and I wont have the time to upload any art to dA. My sister PixieCold will keep you up to date through journals on my page here, so you know what I am doing and how my life is going! :D

Please, if you disagree with anything my religion is teaching or if you are against religion/God in general, that is ok and it is your own opinion! I accept every single opinion or attitude, so please also respect my decision and don't stir up hatred against Mormons or God or anything in the comment section. Comments are appreciated and you can state your opinion, but hateful or troll-comments will be removed. Thank you for understanding! :heart:

Please don't think I will stop doing art. I already bought a sketch book, so when I have some spare time in these two years, I will sketch and collect ideas for the time after the mission. :D And I promise you: When I return I will upload a lot lot lot of art and I will never ever stop again! Please don't rewatch me or something, because after the two years I will return and rock deviantart!! :D I promise you! Art is my life and passion and it is my biggest dream to make a living with my art and maybe some day be able to work as a concept artist for Hollywood movies! :la: 

I seriously love everyone of you, because you showed me, what I am able to achieve with my art! You kept me creating and living my passion and you made me improve a lot! I owe so much to you! When I will return after the two years, there will be a lot to come! Until then, farewell my friends! :heart:
Heey people! :D

I just made an improvised piano cover of the song "Stay" by Rihanna... It is one of my fav songs in the moment. I have played the piano since I was 8 years old, but I never learned how to read the notes. So I learned everything by listening and trying out to hit the right chords. The cover wont be perfect in terms of arrangement, tempo or hitting the right notes all the time, but playing the piano is my passion (next to art) and I thought maybe it could inspire some of you! ^^ The cover is 100% improvised and it is not a "melody" cover, but only an arrangement of the chords of the song. If you like the video, please subscribe our channel, more videos (art- and music related) will follow! ;) 
If you like the video, you can also share it with your friends! ^^ That would be cool! :D And thumbs up are highly appreciated! :hug:

Here is the video:…

P.S.: Sorry for awkward beginning and ending.. xD And sorry for my moves while playing haha :D
P.P.S.: Dont aks why I am wearing a hoody.. I dont know, really... haha
I just did a process video of how I paint my watercolor "Spirits of the seasons" :D You can have a look here:…

If you like the video, pleeaase subscribe us! :D

Heey! :D

If you follow this link:… you can buy prints and get FREE shipping in my and my sister's printshop on society6 :la: This is the perfect opportunity for you to get some of my art into your room! ^^ This will only last for two more days, so better be fast :D :heart:

In other news: I am so excited to tell you, that I am doing a collab with akreon at the moment!! :la: IT WILL BE AMAZING!!! ^^
Heey! :D

MrFarts just made a new livewallpaper out of my "Can I sleep in your bed tonight"-monster :D Its for android devices and can be downloaded here FOR FREE:…

Hope you like it! :heart:
*edit* Thank you for the funny and awesome stream again! :D I didnt draw anything serious, just some silly doodles haha xD anyway, you guys are awesome! :la: *edit over*

Hey!! :D

I am streaming now on join me :D This stream will be featuring my little sister "Aral" ^^ I dont know if I will be drawing anything serious, probably just having fun and doing random doodles/requests xD Well, if you want to join us, click this link:

(P.S.: It is international "coat-and-3D-cinema-or-cheesy-shades-wearing-day" xD haha so dont be worried about our appearance ^^)
Heyyy!! :D :la:

You know I really support my sister.. She is an extremely talented artist and she wants to establish herself with her art.. She created a "1 Million Likes"-post on facebook and this could be her breakthrough! Please people, it would mean THE WORLD if you helped us by sharing and liking the post! :heart: :heart: There will also be 7 winners of free commissions by her!!

Here is the post:…

It only takes 10 seconds people :D :D And it would make her and me so happy!!!! :la:

Thank you!! :D
Hey!! :D

The winners for my little facebook-fanpage event are now chosen!! :la:

And the lucky person to win the free traditional commission is............


:la: :la: :icontheinkheart: :la: :la:

Congratulations!! :D :D

The winners for the 100 points are: :iconmoonwild: and :iconsuperdemon-inuyasha: ;)

Enjoy your prices! :heart: Stay awesome! :hug:

My facebookfanpage:
Hahah, seems like I have got the most awesome fans one could wish for!! :la:

The stream was so much fun!! I have to do one again soon!! :heart:

And look what these awesome people just created:

A fan group for me!! ahhhhhh :la: hahah :D Thats so awesome!! Everyone can join! :D

Love you all haha :hug:
*edit: The stream is now offline! It was so much fun though, thanks for all you awesome people!! :heart:*

Heyyy!! :D

This is actually the first time I am doing a live webcam stream + live painting in Photoshop! It will be without volume, but you will be able to see my hyper concentrated or bored face while drawing.. haha xD Also you can ask me all kinds of questions and I will probably do some request drawings, so if you have some spare time, feel free to join me! :D Here is the link: (I am wearing fake nerd glasses btw... haha)

Oh gosh.. Probably I will draw only crap while all of you are watching me.. haha xD But thats not the point, lets just have fun!! :la:
Heey! :D

You all probably know my picture "God of Evanescence":

God of Evanescence by sanguisGelidus

It is just amazing how many artists reinterpreted/drew this character by me! Just have a look at all these awesome pictures!:

God of Evenescence chibified! by EagleIronic God of Evanescence_half human by iammokona God of Evanescence by Ligos-Dedalius-Kris God Of Evanescence by JonasDeRo God of Evanescence - trade with sanguisGelidus by Viccolatte god of evanescence by Apofiss God Of Evanescence by sakimichan God of Evanescence by sandara

It makes me so happy to see, that artists got inspired by my picture!! :la:

So, if you are inspired to draw your version of my character as well, go for it!! :D I will feature all the pictures, that are drawn for me on my homepage.. FOREVER!! :D That could mean a lot of clicks and new watchers for you! ^^ But dont let that be your main intention, you should feel inspired and have fun drawing it! :D Just dont forget to credit me, if you are drawing my OC! ^^ And send me a note with your finished picture! ;)

Oh and in other news: For the ones, who didnt read my last journal: I am now on facebook! I will post my artworks, WIPs, unsubmitted pictures, inspirations etc etc.!! :D Here is the link:…

P.S.: I was playing with the thought of changing my username from sanguisgelidus to JoJoes (like on my fb page), because sanguisgelidus is so long and is hard to remember.. :/ Also JoJoes seems to fit much better.. What do you think about that? :)
Heyy my watchers!! :heart:

I am on facebook now!! :la: :la: :la: I think facebook offers a lot of cool features and a very wide audience, so I thought I should join there as well!! :D I will be posting my artworks and WIP's + unfinished or old works + tutorials etc. So you will get to see a lot more there than here on deviantart (which doesnt mean I will be less active here :D)

Here is the link to my page:


To celebrate this (and also to invite people to like my page.. hehe ^^), I decided to launch a little event, where you can win a FREE TRADITIONAL (Watercolor) COMMISSION by me!! Which means I will mail you the original painting via post for you to enjoy it!! :D

And also three other participants will get 100 dA points each!!! :la:

All you have to do to be able to win is the following (takes only 2 minutes):

1. Like my facebook fanpage

2. Fav this journal

3. Leave a comment here giving your facebook username (so I can check if you liked the site ^^)

Thats all!! :D

The winners will be picked totally randomly 3 days after I posted this journal!! :la:

If you want you can also share/like my site or my picture/s (right now there is only one, but many more will follow :D), it would make me so happy!! (and maybe it will even increase your chance of winning.. haha :D xD)

Thank you for your support!! :heart: Surely everyone is also invited to like my page without taking part in this event! ^^ I just thought it would be a nice start to dive into the world of facebook.. haha :D

:hug: Much luck and have fun!!

WARNING! This giveaway is OVEER! :) :)

Edit 17.1.2013:

Thank you everyone for participating in this point giveaway again!!! :la: :D

SOOOOOOOO.... The 5 winners of 100 points each areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

*exciting drum roll*

:icontheawesomeness0330: :iconnaruble: :iconsweet-dreams137: :iconmaplesyrupmonster: :iconlapia:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :iconlachoirplz:

Pls dont be disappointed if you didnt win! Stay tuned for the next event I am going to host anytime soon!! :D Thank you so much for your support!! :heart:

*Edit over*



:la: :la: Since so many people took part the last time I wanted to give you another chance to win points!!! :D :la: :la:

Like the last time:

Just +FAV this journal

And you need to be a watcher of mine to be able to win! :D

---> 5 winners will be chosen totally randomly, each of them receiving 100 points!

---> The giveaway will be over three days after this journal is submitted!

:heart: Thank you for everything!! :hug:


This doesnt belong to the giveaway, but you can still go on reading if you want:
And by the way: These original paintings by me are now available to be purchased:

"Universe": (Price 250$ + handling/shipping)

Universe by sanguisGelidus

"Spirit of the Ocean": (Price 300$ + handling/shipping)

Spirit of the Ocean by sanguisGelidus

If you are interested, send me a note! :heart:
Heyy!! :D

Soo, I just uploaded my first youtube speedpainting tutorial to my and my sister's youtube channel! :D It shows me painting one of my traditional paintings called "Facing Death":

Moment before Death (With youtube tutorial) by sanguisGelidus

Here is the link to the youtube video:…

It would be so awesome if you watch the video and give us some feedback by liking/commenting/sharing and also subscribing our channel for more videos! :D :hug: Thank you so much!! :hug:

P.S.: I will announce the winners of my point giveaway soon! :D :la:

WARNING! This giveaway is OVER! :) :)

Edit 10.1.2013:

Thank you everyone for participating in this point giveaway!!! :la: It was tremenduos how many people took part!! :D

SOOOOOOOO.... The 10 winners of 100 points each areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

*drum roll*

:iconwalkermonetart: :iconxkrittterz: :iconfiregoddess2148: :iconsilverkiwi78: :iconneocargalpha: :iconcell-fey: :iconstephanie-chivas: :iconmaroy: :iconenigmaticsmile: :iconulrich-ironpaw:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :iconlachoirplz:

Pls dont be disappointed if you didnt win! Stay tuned for the next event I am going to host anytime soon!! :D Thank you so much for your support!! :heart:

*Edit over*



:la: :la: Let's PARTY HARD, cause as I am close to reach incredible 30,000 watchers I thought I should give something back to this awesome community by doing a point giveaway again!! :la: :la:

Just +FAV this journal

And you need to be a watcher of mine to be able to win! :D

---> 10 winners will be chosen totally randomly, each of them receiving 100 points!

---> The giveaway will be over three days after this journal is submitted!

Have fun! And if you want you can tell your friends/watchers about this! :D :heart:

Thank you for your support! :heart:


This doesnt belong to the giveaway/contest, but still it may be interesting for you to read! :D

My personal dA 3 1/2 years flashback:

My first submission:

Winters Wrath by sanguisGelidus

With this picture it all started... My style was much much different back then and I was not really advanced in using Photoshop and my tablet, but I thought it was the first picture worth posting here on dA. I was mostly inspired by sandara by then, who is still one of my biggest rolemodels. :heart:

My first popular deviation:

Avatar Neytiri by sanguisGelidus

This picture is the one, which started all the popularity and the overwhelming support I gained over the years. Avatar became the most popular movie of all time and I had much luck and kinda chose the perfect moment to draw and submit my Neytiri piece. Over night I got more than 1500 favourites and over 100 comments, which was the most exciting thing ever! My other pieces never got more than 50 favs back then. Till today the picture was downloaded more than 40,000 times, which is my most downloaded picture. This was really the starting point, because I also gained many more watchers and interest in my art. I still didn't really find my own style, I was still experimenting. :)

Fotolia Contest.. best decision ever:

God of Evanescence by sanguisGelidus

I would call this the first picture, that really developed my own personal style. And it is one of my favourite pieces, even today! I submitted it to the Fotolia contest here on dA and it got the most popular of all entries over night. It was so exciting and overwhelming to read all the supportive comments and the picture is still among my most popular (most seen, most commented) pieces. It has also been my icon ever since! :D Even though I didn't win the contest, it still was the best decision to participate!

First Pokemon inspired piece:

I am here with you by sanguisGelidus

Pokemon has always been my favourite game. It influenced my childhood and youth in a manner, that no other game or show could ever do. Till then I mostly drew fantasy pictures, dragons and stuff like that. I wasn't sure if my watchers would also appreciate Pokemon fanart, but when I submitted this painting I was tought differently! In no more than 3 days it had over 8000 favourites and 500 comments and was my first deviation to be the most popular of 1 week and even 1 month. Since then Pokemon became a major inspiration for me, not just because it was a popular topic, but because I always enjoyed drawing it and now saw, that people actually wanted to see more! :heart:

Simplicity makes the picture:

Night Bringer by sanguisGelidus

This piece is one of my personal favourites. It is also one of the pictures, I spent no more than 5 hours on, so it is rather simple compared to many other pictures by me. But I learned, that a picture is much more about the atmosphere and idea than a massive amount of detail. This piece is also my most sold print, as it was featured by the staff of dA on the dA print shop. I am so happy to be able to even earn money with my hobby, it is still unbelievable for me!!

My first Daily Deviation:

Forgotten Fairytales by sanguisGelidus

This piece by me was the first one to be featured as a Daily Deviation. It was the greatest honour for me, when I logged in and saw my piece down between all the awesome pictures, which were chosen to be featured. Till today I have received 4 DD's, of which each one is more than appreciated! :heart:

Princess Mononoke:

Princess Mononoke by sanguisGelidus

This is my all time favourite picture of mine. The movie "Princess Mononoke" had a great impact on my childhood and I loved that movie ever since I can remember. When I finally got to draw a fanart, I was really satisfied with it and had so much fun drawing it! It also hugely developed my style and I improved in drawing humans! And it is my most popular deviation, with nearly 18,000 favourites as of this moment. I can't believe that many people decided to fav it! It is just incredible!! :la:


Universe by sanguisGelidus

This is the first traditional picture I was really really satisfied with! After all the years of drawing digitally I was not used to traditional art anymore, but my sister PixieCold kinda got me into it again! This picture means a lot to me and it also proves, that simple things often are better than the hyper complex ones! ^^


That was it about my little "flashback".. ^^ I really hope you enjoyed reading it! :D I am so happy about all the exposure, feedback and awesome opportunities this site has given me as an artist! Every one of my watchers contributes highly to my success and improvement and you all inspire me to keep going!! Thank you so much for everything! Without you I would be nothing! :heart: :heart: